So what is Sober Up?

Sober Up is a dietary supplement like no other. It’s designed to boost mental clarity and physical health before, during and after good times, allowing you to enjoy yourself and look after your body and mind at the same time.

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East meets West

Eastern medicine and Western technology help Sober Up to support balance, mental clarity and liver function. Fourteen Chinese herbal extracts combine in a fast-acting formula that is clinically proven to fortify the liver and speed the reduction of alcohol content in the blood.


No shortcuts

There is no caffeine or artificial stimulation in Sober Up, so it won’t leave you feeling jumpy or send you into free-fall later on in the day. It’s natural, free from preservatives and helps you live a fuller, healthier life without taking away any of the fun.


A holistic approach

The benefits don’t stop there. Sober Up delivers a shot of nourishing vitamins, minerals and herbs to detox the body and stimulate the mind, helping you to perform at your peak whether at work or play.

TLC for your Liver

The natural ingredients join forces with your liver to speed up the physiological process that rids your body of harmful and unwanted toxins. Using SOBER UP is like calling in the National Guard for your liver.


I've used your product for a couple of months now, mainly for health benefits but also on occasions to avoid the next morning head bang! Bastien

Instead of laying on the couch I am at my desk working, with metal playing, love it. Duane


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